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Just a student with a desire to learn and experience everything this beautiful world has to offer.

Major: Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Expected Graduation Year: 2021

Career Goal: Doctor

Academic and/or Professional Interests: I want to participate in research, learn about the different areas of science and medicine, and fulfill my deep interests in the many, diverse fields of medicine.

Skills: Reliability, Dedicated and Quick Learner, Communicative, Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Sense of Humor


Major: Psychology

Expected Graduation Year: 2020

Career Goal: Research or teaching.

Academic and/or Professional Interests: Interested in memory, development, and processing information. Open to experience to learn more about the professional environment, to build skills, and to learn more about the field in psychology.

Skills: Bilingual(Korean&English), Organized, Adaptable, Detail-oriented, Responsible.


Healthcare and mental health professional

Major: Physiology and Neuroscience, Psychology, Cognitive Science

Expected Graduation Year: 2019

Career Goal: Explore neural underpinnings of cognition/behavior

Underrepresented Student

First Generation Student

Img 1973

Academic and/or Professional Interests: Looking to develop a better understanding of psychological information and neurological underpinnings of cognition and behavior.

Skills: Observant, Research Oriented, Analytical, Hospitality Service, Interpersonal skills, Leadership

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Major: Biochemistry and Cell Biology, History

Expected Graduation Year: 2019

Career Goal: -

Underrepresented Student

First Generation Student

Academic and/or Professional Interests: Molecular Biology, Biochemistry research.

Skills: Hard Working



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