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Major: Mathematics (Computer Science)

Expected Graduation Year: 2022

Career Goal: Applying technologies to help the world

Academic and/or Professional Interests: Interested in AI, Machine Learning and Innovative technologies

Skills: Analytical skills, Time Management, Team work skills, Creative Thinking

Emilee Elfsten

Major: Biology (Human)

Expected Graduation Year: 2020

Career Goal: Pediatric surgeon or a Psychiatrist.

First Generation Student

Academic and/or Professional Interests: My main goal is medical school. I enjoy studying the human body and organic chemistry.

Skills: Reliable, Quick Leaner, punctual, Committed, Passionate



Graduation Year

2020 (1)
2022 (1)


(Student Reported)

3.0+ (0)
3.5+ (0)

Additional Information

First Generation Student (1)
Underrepresented Student (0)