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Major: Global Health

Expected Graduation Year: 2020

Career Goal: Doctor in an international nonprofit organization

Academic and/or Professional Interests: I am interested in any careers pertaining to the medical field, especially those in obstetrics, pediatrics, and orthopedics.

Skills: Open minded, organized, personable, great computer skills, and experience in leadership positions.


Helping others by providing access to mental/physical health care and through political advocacy.

Major: Global Health, Psychology

Expected Graduation Year: 2020

Career Goal: Fields of psychology, health, public policy.

Academic and/or Professional Interests: My main interests lie in the social sciences on a global field. I hope to use these interests in the professional field of health policy both domestically and abroad.

Skills: Writing, copy editing, proficiency in Spanish, proficiency in technology, clear communicator.

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Suzy Guan

Student at University of California, San Diego

Major: Global Health

Expected Graduation Year: 2017

Career Goal: I hope to become a global health researcher

Academic and/or Professional Interests: I'm interested in issues pertaining to global health, such as but not limited to environmental issues and mental and physical health.

Skills: PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Excel, Public Speaking, Leadership, Team Building, Minitab

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Major: Public Health

Expected Graduation Year: 2018

Career Goal: Medicine or hospital management

Academic and/or Professional Interests: My academic interests are in public health, biology, languages, economics, statistics/biostatistics/ Professionally, I'm interested in being a health care worker, working in business or patent law/

Skills: Fluent in Spanish (reading, speaking and writing), Conversational French

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