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Major: Mathematics (Computer Science)

Expected Graduation Year: 2021

Career Goal: Programmer, Data Analyst/Database Administrator

Academic and/or Professional Interests: Writing code and designing programs, particularly in the Java language, for use in the computer science field.

Skills: Strong work-ethic, persistent/gritty, courteous, good team player, accepting of criticism

Isabell Villasana

Ambtious, Research Driven

Major: Anthropology (Archaeology)

Expected Graduation Year: 2020

Career Goal: Professor of Archaeology

Academic and/or Professional Interests: Pre-agricultural lifeways, bioarcheology, marine archaeology, public health, ethnic studies

Skills: Computer Literacy (Microsft office,Graphic Design, Agrisoft) Effcient Creative

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Lifelong-learner eager to gain experience in a professional lab setting.

Major: Physiology and Neuroscience

Expected Graduation Year: 2019

Career Goal: Neurologist or Research Scientist


Academic and/or Professional Interests: I'm interested in various areas of research including neural and behavioral development, neurological diseases, cognitive science, behavioral Neuroscience, and psychology.

Skills: technical writing; proficiency in Java; basic lab techniques; organization; hard-working


Major: Bioengineering (BioSystems)

Expected Graduation Year: 2019

Career Goal: Positively contribute into the medial field.

Academic and/or Professional Interests: My current interest is to have hands on experience in the bioengineering field.

Skills: Bilingual; Managing office equipment; Creating a PowerPoint and poster board presentation

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Graduation Year

2019 (2)
2020 (1)
2021 (1)


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3.0+ (1)
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