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Jonathan Tin

Major: Mathematics, Philosophy

Expected Graduation Year: 2017

Career Goal: Research, Teaching

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Academic and/or Professional Interests: Open to any kind of research in Mathematics and primary interests include: Differential Equations, Cryptology, and Topology. Also open to teaching and inspiring students to pursue mathematics.

Skills: Quick Learner, Leadership. Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel. C++, Java


Major: Biology (Molecular Biology)

Expected Graduation Year: 2019

Career Goal: Nursing

Academic and/or Professional Interests: National History Day competition, Volunteering at a hospital

Skills: Speak English, Cantonese, and Mandarin; Swimming, Basketball, Alto Saxophone


Major: Biology (Microbiology)

Expected Graduation Year: 2018

Career Goal: Clinical Laboratory Scientist, Pharmacist

Academic and/or Professional Interests: Enjoys performing experiments, as well as increasing ability and knowledge in handling scientific procedures. Has experience in point mutations, which involved PCR, DNA purification, etc.

Skills: Time management, collaborative, laboratory experience, excellent writing, open to criticism

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Major: Biology (General)

Expected Graduation Year: 2020

Career Goal: Research-oriented

Academic and/or Professional Interests: ecology, organismal biology, marine biology, environmental science

Skills: passionate, problem-solver, strong work ethic, ambitious, good communicator

Emily Troike

Major: Physics

Expected Graduation Year: 2018

Career Goal: Create devices that help with daily life

Academic and/or Professional Interests: I am interested in material engineering, and nano. I'd like as much hands on experience as I can get.

Skills: AutoCAD, MatLab, Microsoft Excel and other disciplines, Graphic Design, Project Management

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Major: Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Expected Graduation Year: 2019

Career Goal: Physician

Academic and/or Professional Interests: My personal interest is to get involved in research and to learn skills in the laboratory. Also, to become a physician in the future so that I can contribute to finding the definite cure for cancer.

Skills: Responsible, hard-working, leadership, motivated ,and communicative,

Matthew Tan

"A student with a brain, looking to study the brain"

Major: Physiology and Neuroscience

Expected Graduation Year: 2018

Career Goal: Neurologist, General Physician or General Surgeon

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Academic and/or Professional Interests: Neurology; Cell and Tissue Research; Biochemistry/Biodynamics; Genetherapy; I am a highly visual learner and first hand experience greatly interests me

Skills: Organized, Perceptive, Photographic Memory, Focused, Quick Learner

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Student at University of California, San Diego

Major: Mathematics (Applied)

Expected Graduation Year: 2018

Career Goal: data analysis/actuarial analysis


Academic and/or Professional Interests: Passion into Applied Mathematics and great interest into computer science and hope to utilize strong mathematical skills and programming knowledge.

Skills: Java, MATLAB, Japanese, German, R

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Major: Biology (Human)

Expected Graduation Year: 2018

Career Goal: optometrist

Academic and/or Professional Interests: Anything where I can learn more, gain new skills, or help people.

Skills: Pragmatic, diligent, friendly, calculus, statistics, computer literate, BILD 4 lab experience


Major: Mathematics (Applied Science)

Expected Graduation Year: 2018

Career Goal: Bioinformatics or Biostatistics

Academic and/or Professional Interests: I plan to finish my Bachelor's in Mathematics with a minor in Biology and move on to achieve a Master's in Bioinformatics.

Skills: Data Entry, Tutoring, Microsoft Office, Engineering Mathematics, Statistics, Generic Programming

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Nathan Tong

Major: NanoEngineering

Expected Graduation Year: 2018

Career Goal: Research and Development, Business Administration

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Academic and/or Professional Interests: Drug delivery in cancer systems, Business Administration

Skills: matlab research data analysis c labview statistics nanotechnology chemistry microsoft office

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Student at University of California, San Diego

Major: Biology (Human)

Expected Graduation Year: 2020

Career Goal: Doctor working in 3rd world countries

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Academic and/or Professional Interests: Possible double major in Human Bio &Linguistic Language Studies of Spanish; want to work with people, building encouraging relationships, and service

Skills: Strong work ethic, relationship-building, self-aware, open-minded, and compassionate

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