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Internship at a financial/accounting firm

Major: Economics

Expected Graduation Year: 2020

Career Goal: Financial Consulting Firm

Academic and/or Professional Interests: Economics, consulting, analytics, accounting

Skills: Flexible worker, communicative and easy to work with, good with technology, dedicated worker

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Major: Environmental Engineering

Expected Graduation Year: 2019

Career Goal: Professional Engineer

First Generation Student

Academic and/or Professional Interests: I am interested in working with teammates to design projects on CAD and becoming a representative for my future company.

Skills: Leadership, honesty, diligence, light-heartedness, and boldness.


freshman at UCSD, i like soccer, Jon Bellion, mammals, and lab work

Major: Physiology and Neuroscience

Expected Graduation Year: 2021

Career Goal: research about medical treatments for diseases

Academic and/or Professional Interests: I am interested in calculus, biology, hands-on laboratory research, and scientific experimentation.

Skills: Determination, efficient worker, English grammar, multi-lingual, sense of humor


Research in Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Physiology

Major: Biochemistry and Cell Biology, History

Expected Graduation Year: 2018

Career Goal: Physician or Pharmacist or Researcher

Academic and/or Professional Interests: Molecular Biology, Biochemistry research.

Skills: Hard Working

Dante Khandelwal

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Expected Graduation Year: 2021

Career Goal: ME at a innovative company, like SpaceX

Academic and/or Professional Interests: I am interested in research related to mechanical and aerospace engineering, specifically in the product design or transportation fields.

Skills: Fast learner, curious, know Solidworks, know MATLAB, willing to work on anything cool


Major: Bioengineering

Expected Graduation Year: 2018

Career Goal: Experience is what I seek.

Academic and/or Professional Interests: lab job, especially bio or chem lab, and I really want to be a grader for the course I took. I got almost 4.0 GPA on my major courses which are bio and chem courses.

Skills: Lab skills, hard work and never miss due


--Changing lives for the better one day at a time. | Healthcare and mental health professional.

Major: Physiology and Neuroscience, Psychology

Expected Graduation Year: 2019

Career Goal: To work in the mental health field.

Academic and/or Professional Interests: My academic interest includes obtaining my doctorate in cognitive and behavioral neuroscience. Professional interests include the study of psychology, pharmacology, medicine, and neurobiology.

Skills: Mental Health, Data Analysis, Research, Analytical Skills, Hospitality Service

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Computer Vision Research Assistant at Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Major: Mathematics

Expected Graduation Year: 2019

Career Goal: Computer Vision Research


Academic and/or Professional Interests: I worked on agile software engineering teams. I am currently working on computer vision software for the Planetary Science department at JPL. I intend to architect scalable systems for researchers.

Skills: software architecture, unix, industry experience, proof experience, many programming languages,

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Chemistry (1)
Economics (1)
History (1)

Graduation Year

2018 (2)
2019 (3)
2020 (1)
2021 (2)


(Student Reported)

3.0+ (6)
3.5+ (4)

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