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Savannah Fang

Major: Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Expected Graduation Year: 2018

Career Goal: researcher

Academic and/or Professional Interests: stem cells, genetics, metabolic disorders, proteins, regenerative medicine, addiction

Skills: Public Speaking, Customer Service, Teaching, Event Planning, Research, Photoshop, Collaboration

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Major: Mathematics, NanoEngineering

Expected Graduation Year: 2019

Career Goal: engineer specializing in nanotechnology

Academic and/or Professional Interests: mathematics, physics, computer science, mathematical modeling, nanomaterials, thin films, nanomagnetism, nanoparticle synthesis, functionalization of nanomaterials, characterization of materials

Skills: nanoparticle synthesis, mathematical reasoning, knowledge of physics, fast learner, communication



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2018 (1)
2019 (1)


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