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Major: Psychology

Expected Graduation Year: 2019

Career Goal: Psychologyst / Researcher, Radio Host, Actor.

Academic and/or Professional Interests: First interest is studying the human mind, and understanding how we are able to perceive the world. Second big interest are the arts, especially acting and music.

Skills: Team Work, Public Speaking, Creativity, Multicultural Education, Very Committed and curious.

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Major: Marine Biology

Expected Graduation Year: 2021

Career Goal: conduct my own research in marine biology

Academic and/or Professional Interests: interested in assisting in lab research

Skills: bilingual , photography experience , basic computer skills,

Adrian Dinescu

I am an undergraduate student with a passion for all kinds of design-based problem solving.

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Expected Graduation Year: 2019

Career Goal: Product Design, Mechanical Design

Academic and/or Professional Interests: As a professional engineer, I am interested in designing and analyzing advanced mechanical systems for the automotive/aerospace industry.

Skills: Adobe CC (Ae, Ps, Ai, Pr, Id), AutoCAD, Inventor, Solidworks, 3D Printing

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Tyler Davis

Major: Economics

Expected Graduation Year: 2020

Career Goal: Fulfillment in job and financial security

Academic and/or Professional Interests: Problem solving, management role,

Skills: Quick thinking, adaptability, reliable


Major: Physiology and Neuroscience

Expected Graduation Year: 2020

Career Goal: Physician, Research in neuroscience


Academic and/or Professional Interests: I am majoring in neuroscience because this field allows me to combine my interests in biology and psychology. I would like to learn more about mental disorders and how the brain works.

Skills: I am a dedicated and organised person who learns fast.


Major: Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Expected Graduation Year: 2021

Career Goal: Physician, Neurologist

Academic and/or Professional Interests: I want to gain experience in a lab where I learn to use different techniques and get a hands-on experience.

Skills: Microsoft Office, Teamwork, Chemistry, Biology, Math


Major: Pharmacological Chemistry

Expected Graduation Year: 2019

Career Goal: Lab researcher/ chemistry-related instructor

Academic and/or Professional Interests: Organic/ inorganic chemistry, drug synthesis

Skills: Communication skills: English, Chinese Mandarin, and Japanese; persist and careful with duties.

Herctor De La Cruz Sandoval

Major: Biology (Microbiology)

Expected Graduation Year: 2021

Career Goal: I hope to have a career as a immunopathologist.

Academic and/or Professional Interests: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Psychology all thoroughly interest me and I desire to gain more knowledge in all of these. Especially in regards to the human body and medicine.

Skills: Communication, Self motivated, Able to work in a team, Desire to learn, math.



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